Alex Stolyarik


Alex StolyarikI’ve been implementing project-based experiential education internationally for the past seven years. In 2011, as a member of the Democracy and Art nonprofit, I originated a joint venture between the British “London Metropolitan University” MARCH and the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration; one year later a test program designed to engage graduate students with “real-world” land development projects  was officially launched. In three years of program refinement, we managed to organically grow neighborhood development collectives, jump-start public workshops, moderate round table discussions, and graduate 80 students with dual degrees in Public Administration and Planning.

I am a product of several cultures, inherited and absorbed alike. Open borders and a world free of prejudice are important to me. I want to continue developing collaborative education programs with the forward-looking institutions around the world. Now, with the advancement of AI, VR and holoportation, we can collaborate with international experts, reach remote communities and conduct distributed education in a new immersive medium beyond the current real-time constraints; we can test and practice our global intracultural future immersively, as in “for real.”